Unleash Your Creativity

Why waste time organizing your work or spend effort forcing naming conventions between fellow artists? Puida is a software tool that tracks what you care the most and allows collaboration with others without headache.


Never offline, blazing fast, easy to use and stylus friendly.


Perfectly adjusts to your workflow, niche software and company practices.


With automatic indexing, browse and review your work visually, even after it has been archived.


Free up space by easily archiving previous projects and work.

Iterate faster

Takes care of file versioning, referencing and collaboration.

Scales naturally

While individual artist can benefit a lot, companies benefit even more.


Can We Work Together, Separately?

Technology has awarded us the opportunity to work together and collaborate efficiently and effectively across departments, businesses, and borders. However, this doesn’t always go according to plan.

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Why Hasn't Anyone Done This Before?

Thousands of artists, coders and investors assemble in the conference center at Katajanokka in Helsinki, Finland - a major center of mobile game development.

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I Just Want To Save Myself (And Everyone Else) From Unnecessary Work

One of the busiest streets in Vancouver is West Georgia Street, the only road which leads away from the downtown up North through Stanley Park.

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Million Leaks In The Plumbing

An example of a pipeline, and why we must solve these problems.

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All in one solution to free your time to focus on creativity.

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